Electric Food Mixer to Give Away (theres a catch)

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Electric Food Mixer to Give Away (theres a catch)

Post by Whyperion » 07 Sep 2013, 21:52

Seeing as charity shops taking electrical stuff are quite rare and this is too off the wall to free cycle I offer freely ( collect at your expense - I am now in Southern Burnley )
Catch One - the food mixing inserts - whisks and skews - are currently missing , I think they are in another draw further south - I will look next week.

Catch Two - This RG28s is the east german equivalent of USSR Concordeski to Concorde. It looks like some Morphy Richards bad industrial espionage in so far as the additional accessories have a drive system that comes off the far end of the motor device. So to make a smoothy or similar involves putting the mixer on its end and screwing in the driven device. Great except your liquid ( which is contained in an approx 300ml glass sealed frosted jar ) , is neatly above 240ish Volts of power. The included mixing bowl is probably the most useful thing being on a bearing free rotating plastic turntable. There is a chopper thing too that you have to upend the device and aim loosely in the direction of the cucumber / lettice / tomato / spud , which is best contained in 4in dia piece of plastic downpipe to stop the mess from going anywhere. Its fully pictured - including some accessories I never had , at http://aprod.hu/hirdetes/rg28s-tobbfunk ... 1167l.html which I think is the hungarian equivalent of gumtree or something.Image

Overall maybe close to 2/10 for cooking , but with the slightly off-set wobble drive ( about a 6mm hex drive ) , I am certain the more creative would find it useful for the mixing of expoxy glues , small mortar mixes or powder paints etc for craft or DIY. Anyway , let me know , its been in the Kitchen for 25 years at least since my dad picked it up and I never used it (even though my Philips mixer wore out ) , i wil try to find the mixi bits , hopefully someone will find it of use and I might be able to deliver locally tomorrow while I am out and about, avoiding raindrops in Barnoldswick.

Note mine is not white but a rather fetching shade of hospital cream ( Mustard Brown )

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