33 Piece Security Bit Set

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33 Piece Security Bit Set

Post by Whyperion » 11 Sep 2012, 16:47

Seeing as I spend more time taking things apart I find that I need more funny shaped bits compared to a normal slotted screw driver or cross headed ones. Normally mums small screwdriver manages to actually fit most slots of any shape but some fittings can be a little too stubborn to undo or to tighten sufficiently well.

Looking for something as I had picked up a Maplin Catalog I did a bit of research and found as I had a multi-holder I just needed some small bits ( Of no use of course if the mechanical fixing is 5in down a narrow access on the unit- then you need to buy thin screwdriver type handled tools instead ).

Anyway , an internet search found me a little boxed 33 piece set , Draper Ref Number 38716 , and if anyone in charge wants to add one of those commission generating Amazon links that was where I found the cheapest price , much more inexpensive than the alternative offerings. And with the Draper name I assume are made to correct size and wont chew up the fittings. The card is printed as Imported by Draper Tools , but does not state a place of manufacture , maybe some of the parts are sourced from more than one country ?

A competitor item appears to be Silverline 633840, but its not as well described but might be more comprehensive for general use , having the more normal bits too for much the same price.

I just now need a cheap dremmel type tool , some safety goggles and a multi ammeter and that is my Christmas present list from the family sorted ( I could wait for December but I need to do a little dismantling while the weather is still relatively mild ).

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