Renovations - the Early Years

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Re: Renovations - the Early Years

Post by plaques » 26 Oct 2016, 08:25

Only remotely connected to renovations buts sits nicely with washing machines. Five years ago we bought a Bosch machine. Bottom of the range chosen purposely because of its minimal electronics. After years of constant use suddenly it wouldn't switch on. All the lights were there but no action. We then noticed a little symbol of a 'key' pointing at the door symbol. Sure enough the door wouldn't lock. Engineer called out who looked very puzzled and asked for the instruction booklet. Nothing in there about 'key' symbols but it looks like you have a child lock on. Pressed and held the start button and everything was back to normal. Never seen that before on this model and settled for a cup of coffee instead of a call out charge. Something to be said for getting your local man in.

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Re: Renovations - the Early Years

Post by Stanley » 27 Oct 2016, 03:45

Life's like that isn't it Wendy.... circumstances change and we move on. If we're lucky we carry good memories away with us. Exactly the relationship Mary and I had with Eigg for many years, I think the old water mill would have suited you and Col....



The heating arrangements! And the view from the door across to Skye as a storm was brewing in 1988. Magic....... Can't be repeated now, everything has changed.....
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