Barlick Bargains.

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Barlick Bargains.

Post by Nolic » 14 Apr 2012, 10:31

Cath and I have just had an hour in Barlick and picked up some real bargains.
Coffee Corner got us started off with a superb mug of cappuccino and a warm and friendly atmosphere.
Then it was a look in The Art Palette they are selling 75gm tubes of Daler-Rowney heavy body acrylic paint at just £3.00 a tube - a real bargain.
The Last Trading Post seems to be trying to give away boots and shoes at £10 ... so all you ladies have a quick trip down there and you gents take the wives along. Nolic
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Re: Barlick Bargains.

Post by Big Kev » 25 Jun 2012, 09:01

Coffee Corner are making their own ice cream. If you like coffee based ice cream, or a refreshing frappe it's well worth dropping in.

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