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Re: Blood Donors

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That's the general idea Stanley. Rolls Sports & Social Club is back open for beer but who knows for how long? It's not back on the Yorkshire NHSBT teams venue list though yet. I keep checking but I reckon I am probably flogging a dead horse there, certainly for the rest of this year. Then of course there is the knock on from the factory news although the club is no longer a perk just for the employees as it was at one time. Barlick does need it's own venue, it is always over subscribed, we must be an altruistic lot. :smile:
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Re: Blood Donors

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PanBiker wrote: 13 Oct 2020, 10:30 Wishful thinking or hedging my bets. I have cancelled my appointment in early January at Burnley Turf Moor in favour of a new appointment In Bingley. This was the next venue available.

My reasoning for better or worse, Burnley currently has 40 - 50 cases of Covid per 100,000 and has had for over a month now. Bingley has dodged the bullet and currently has 2 cases per 100,000. Of course this may not be the case next February but I reckon it is better odds. Not paranoid or I wouldn't go at all but I reckon swapping over to the Yorkshire team is probably a good move. Slightly further but just as easy to get to off the bypass. Weather could be kinder as well a month later.

Bingley Arts Centre


Monday 8th February 2021
We went to the Bradford Donor Centre back in September, very easy to get to. Had to pay £2 to park but that's a small price to pay really. Next donation is Turf Moor in January.

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