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Parker Index Entries

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Warner. History of Barlick. P. 37. In 32 Henry VIII (1541) Christopher Parker was a gentleman on the jury of the Barnoldswick Manorial Court.

Warner, Hist. Of Barlick. P. 43. Records a lease of 27 April 1548 of a piece of land called ‘Shene’, part of le Heigh Close in the tenure of Robert Dilworth and demised 2 June 1548 to Thomas Parker of Salterforth for 21 years at 49s/2d.

John Parker of Netherwood is mentioned in an indenture of 1619 which appears to be the conveyance of lands in Barnoldswick to him and Thomas Barcroft of Ightenhill from John Halstead of Worsthorne who may have been raising money for his daughter’s dowry.

History of Baptist Church in Barlick. P.46. John Parker was one of the members who signed the invitation to John Wilson to come as pastor.

Henry Parker paid 10/- land tax for Damhead. Henry Parker also paid land tax of 8s/9d in 1753, no address. 1756, garbled entry looks like £1/19-6. 1757 paid £1.

‘Widow’ Parker pays land tax of £1. No address mentioned.

HBC p. 61 records that on Avery Jackson’s death in 1763, John Parker, a teaching elder, was invited to become pastor of the Barnoldswick church. He was the son of Thomas Parker, a native of Ireland and was converted at the age of 14 by Mr Grimshaw of Haworth. He was pastor from 1764 –1790. He died in 1793 and is buried in the Walmsgate graveyard.

John Parker paid land tax of 2s/1 ½ d. Same year a John Parker paid 3s/7 ½ d.

1851 census
Fanny Parker, Barlick Hey, 79, Retired farmer.

1851 census
William Parker of Hague House, Kelbrook, 56, master hatter. Mary, sister, 62, HLW wool. Ann, sister, 54, HLW wool.

1851 census
Richard Parker 32 Barnoldswick Lane, head, 56, HLW (wool). Jane, wife, 55. Richard, son, 19, PLW. Joseph, son, 15, factory hand.

1861 census
William Parker, Mere Clough Cottages, Kelbrook. 69 years, wool hat manufacturer. (Mere Clough is now called Lancashire Gill and is near Hague so despite the difference in age, this looks like William of Hague in 1851 census.)

1871 census
William Parker, Hollins Farm, Brogden, 29, farm servant.

Simon Parker mentioned in the Calf Hall Shed Company minute books as one of the original directors. He seems to have been a coal merchant and carter in Barnoldswick because he supplied coal and cartage to the company.

John and Joseph Parker were founding directors when the Earby Manufacturing Company was formed in 1895. Joseph Parker had two sons, T.N. Parker and Leonard Parker. Leonard was the younger brother and became manager of the Airebank Mills at Gargrave in later years.

Barrett’s directory notes Daniel Parker at School Farm, Kelbrook.

Barrett records Stephen Parker Jnr. As blacksmith of Cavendish Street, Earby.

LTP. 78/AB/1, p. 23. Billy Brooks mentions ‘Siff’ (Stephen?) Parker as being a blacksmith in Barlick when he was a lad.

Barrett’s directory of 1902 records John Parker Jnr. As farmer at Hill Clough. Same directory records John Parker Snr. As farmer at Ingthorpe Grange.

Barrett records John Parker as grocer at 23 Westgate Barnoldswick.

Barrett records Stephen Parker as blacksmith of Skipton Road.

Craven Herald 18/01/1929. Report of a child, Stuart Parker, of 5 Clayton Street, being run over by a car on Skipton Road near the junction with Station Road. Car driven by Edgar Aldersley of Coates. The child died a day later at Victoria Hospital, Burnley.

LTP. 79/AG/11. p. 7. Newton Pickles talks about the repairs to Salterforth Mill engine house after the 1929 fire. Says Tom Parker was the joiner who replaced the roof.

George Parker was the woodman at Gledstone Estate and had the first cottage below the dairy at West Marton.

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