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Widdop. Amminadab, paid LT in 1753 of 1/-/ No address given.

Baines directory for 1822 notes John Widdup as timber merchant of Salterforth.

1841 census.
Salterforth Lane. John Widdup, head, 50, trader? Dealer. Ellen, wife, 45. Hannah, 20. Henry, 20. Sutcliffe, 15, sawyer. Mary, 15. Dinah, 13. Martha, 11. Richard, 10. Ellen, 8. Mielia (Amelia?) 5. James, 3. William, 3. MacFarlane, 2months.

1851 census
Sutcliffe Widdup of East Marton, 30, Innkeeper and farmer of 18 acres employing one man. (Probably the Cross Keys pub) Mary Ann, wife, 23, born Thornton in Craven. John, son, 3, born Salterforth. Nelson, son, 1 year, born Salterforth.

1851 census
Cross Keys Inn, Barnoldswick. Henry Widdup, head, 31(?), Victualler and farmer of 5 acres. Elizabeth, wife, 28. Sarah Wilson, mother in law, 68. Ellen Widdup, 17, servant(?).

James Widdup noted as an elector of Barnoldswick in 1859. Address given as Salterforth.

1861 census
Levi Widdup of Orchard Cottages, head, 38, coal merchant. Nancy, wife, 34, dressmaker. John W, 7, scholar. Hartley, 1 year,. [In AWOL, page 43, there is a story about Clayton Slater and his brother being fined £5 with costs for assaulting Levi Widdup after his donkey was seen grazing on the Slater family grave.]

1861 census
James Widdup, Salterforth, 43 years, Agent in worsted, silk and cotton cloth making.

1871 census
John William Widdup of Orchard Cottages (Orchard Street) 17 years, Clog, boot and shoe maker. Lived with his father Levi Widdup who is described as a coal merchant.

1871 census
John Widdup of Canal Cottage, Salterforth (near the Canal tavern, now the Anchor inn, 56 years old, coal merchant. Born in Salterforth.

1871 census (?)
John Widdup of East Marton, 46, Wood dealer and farmer of 46 acres. Employer of 4 men. Born Salterforth.

James Slater left the partnership with his brothers in Clough Mill and went into partnership with MacFarlane Widdup. They ran 144 looms at Clough. This partnership didn’t last long and James Slater carried on alone. In 1889 he moved to Salterforth Mill with 216 looms.

Barrett directory notes John Widdup as coal merchant, Station Yard, Barnoldswick.

Barrett directory for 1887 notes John Widdup as farmer of Long Ing and Barnsey. Barrett for 1896 notes him as farmer of Barnsey.

Barrett’s directory for 1896 notes John William Widdup as Secretary for the North Craven Land and Building Society. Address is 22 Newtown. Also noted as Boot and shoe maker and Wagonette proprietor at the same address. The same details were recorded in the list of candidates for the 1890 Local Board election. Same John William noted in CHSCMB as supplying coal to the CHSC in 1891. Barrett for 1902 records him as Boot and Shoe maker, coal dealer and cab proprietor of 24 Newtown.

Barrett directory for 1896 notes Henry Widdup as being at Lower Barnsey.

CHSCMB (Calf Hall Shed Company Minute Books) 22/10/1896. Note that John Widdup, coal merchant had applied for space for 150/200 looms and a taping machine in the small shed at the SW corner of Wellhouse Shed. At the meeting on 18/11/1896 the architect Mr Atkinson reported that John Widdup was satisfied with the arrangements being made for him.

Barrett directory notes John Widdup as farmer of ‘Paddock’ (Parrock?)

Barrett directory for 1892 notes that John Widdup was coal merchant of Station Yard and his house was at Long Ing. In the same year he gave notice that he was removing his looms from Wellhouse Mill. This would be the move into Moss Shed which was built in 1903.

1915/16 and 1920/21
Worrall’s directory for these years notes John Widdup and Sons as tenants of Barnsey Shed. 1912 M/c Royal Exchange directory notes them as being in Moss Shed with 432 looms. Representative on the exchange was E. Widdup. In Worrall for 1939 J Widdup and sons were noted as being tenants in both Moss and Wellhouse with 1,116 looms

82/HD/03. Page 11. Harold Duxbury talks about rescuing a carter called Widdup from the stables in Butts during the flood of July 11 1932.

78/AC/10. Page 5. Ernie Roberts talks about the firms weaving in Moss Shed in 1947. J Widdup and Sons (Widdup Brothers) had two units, 864 looms.

78/AC/06 in LTP. Page 11. Ernie Roberts talks about weaving for Widdup Brothers at Moss Shed. In 78/AC/10. Page 1ff. He talks about getting his first tackling job at Moss in 1947. He was there for 11 years so this gives a close down date of 1959.

Widdup Brothers sold Moss Shed to Tom Clarke for £25,000. Tom was the founder of Silentnight.

Sometime around 1960 a small consortium bought Whitewell Dairies at Accrington and later sold it to Associated Dairies. One of the partners was a Widdup, I have an idea his forename was Jack .

Frank Widdup died march 29th 1965. He was a council member 1924 to 1936.

Mary Widdup, who had been a weaver at Bancroft for many years went to weave at County Brook Mill.

Harry Widdup.
78/AC/06. Page 7. Ernie Roberts talks about caddying for Harry Widdup at Gill Golf club and getting into trouble for rattling change in his pocket.

John Widdup.
One of the Widdups who ran Moss Shed. See Ernie Roberts transcripts; 78/AC/08, 10 and 14 for references.

Sidney Widdup is mentioned by Newton Pickles as being a Barnoldswick scrap dealer. See LTP transcript 78/AG/07. Page 9. In 78?ag/09, page 6 NP says that Sidney Widdup scrapped the Bankfield engine after WW2.

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