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Puch Scooter , As If I Don't Have Enough Stuff To Deal With

Posted: 27 Oct 2014, 01:51
by Whyperion
Well, we had to sort out the garage on Saturday , and the weather not too bad so time for a couple of photos.


Puch ( Puch- Steyr ? ) I think were / are either Austrian or Czech.

Probably dating from 1954/1957 this laid up in 1968 with kick-start problems, the chrome work wont win prizes , but we have a three year time limit to get it done as the garages are scheduled for demolition by then. We are not starting any work until 2015 though ( and money spend will have to be less than minimal )

Finished I think in German Army Green (WW2 left-overs?) There is a restoration page on internet by Dutch chap who spend some 8000EUR on one ( two tone and more shiny )