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Destructional Bits in need of useful home

Posted: 10 Mar 2015, 22:57
by Whyperion
Basically part of the Morris Minor Traveller got sawn up at the weekend- the rear 'ladder; so I have about 4 off foot and a bit 2" squarish bits of ash if anyone needs them for whatever (I have plenty of other bits of wood for my own uses and this stuff is currently clean and free of engine oil etc) I can drop off on one of my northern sojourns.

(Trying to release the retaining coach bolt on one side is causing headaches and problems)... oh well. {Came off with a Bosch cutter thingy }

Also found that the unwanted (silentnight) metal framed be I seem to have a couple of bits of 2" 7ft approx angle iron filling up the garage plus double bed width 1950s style head and foot ends (solid wood ,veneered but scrached) with the brackets for mounting the angle on (the suspending spring set up has gone due to no space to store). Ex the in laws and I dont really want to dump the wood but I will never have a use for it, so again if anyone can suggest a good home (even if it gets used for lighting fires , let me know).

All free but in S Yorkshire, I can move it thoughT