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Another Cowin
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Hi Everybody

My name is Paul, my surname is evident.

My cousin Sandra uses this site and recommended it to me as I am related to many old families in this area, the Drinkall's for example.

Though I don't know anybody from this clan, I am always trying to expand my heritage boundaries and make new friends from the areas my forefathers came from.
My Great Grandfather was called Robert Waller Cowin and he hailed from Thornton Hall.

Anyway, if anyone has any info they woukd like to share, I would love to read it
Many thanks,

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Re: Hello

Post by Gloria »

Hi Paul,
Not related I’m afraid, but you will find people on here to be so helpful, enjoy.
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Re: Hello

Post by Wendyf »

Welcome to One Guy, there is enough local and family history on here to keep you occupied for years!
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Re: Hello

Post by PanBiker »

Didn't Stanley used to work for the Drinkall's?

Drinkall Years 1969 -73
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Re: Hello

Post by Stanley »

Morning Paul. Yes I worked for the Drinkall Brothers as cattle wagon driver. Richard is alive and well and at Waddington, Keith is at Yew Tree at Gargrave and David is as far as I know still at the farm he bought in Cheshire, Stocker Lane was it?
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