Town Council - Co-option of Councillors

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Re: Town Council - Co-option of Councillors

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Contemplating. :smile:
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Re: Town Council - Co-option of Councillors

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Ian. you could be right about Baldrick. The only valid reason I have ever encountered for a boundary change is if there has been a fundamental change in population distribution as in Nelson in the 1930's when it sprang up like a mushroom and was in the Clitheroe constituency. That's how Clitheroe got a labour MP at one pont!
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Re: Town Council - Co-option of Councillors

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PanBiker wrote: 27 Mar 2021, 15:29

Half of the old Coates ward from Barlick is now part of Earby daft as that is, Barnoldswick ward now has half of Salterforth village and the other half is in Earby, total insanity. That's the Tory invoked, (yet again) Boundary Commission for you. :dontgetit: :fluch:
I wonder, in splitting MPs from the borough councils it might reduce (or increase) the confusion in voters minds what an MP can do in their local area, MPs are merely national representatives of an electorate, and in local council matters have only the power of any individual resident in such local council. In spliting its going to make the MP more focused on Westminster, and less able to influence local matters as split over the areas of interest.
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