Harrisons of Swinden: Stephen, Edward, and Philip

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Harrisons of Swinden: Stephen, Edward, and Philip

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Hi, You all,

I think I am on the right trail. With thank yous to another Harrison family (CS and I) were great, I wave goodbye to follow the Harrisons of Swinden.

I had asked this forum whether my Philip (born about 1772 and of Swinden--North of Skipton--and of Gisburn Cemetery) was perhaps the son of the Reverend Joseph Harrison senior (son of Edward, b. 1716). While Philip does fit in time as a son, a year after Joseph's marriage, the answer is no. Philip Harrison (c1772-1841 death registered at Skipton and died at Low Ground Farm) had a brother Benjamin who definitely does not fit. Benjamin was baptized 5 January 1780 at Gisburn, Yorkshire. And Benjamin won't quite fit between Joseph senior and Mary Breezley having Joseph junior (born 7 July 1779) and his little brother James Harrison (born July 1780, died age 7 weeks). So that is my answer, that Philip does not fit right there. I do think however, that there will be a common ancestor a generation or two or three or four earlier around Gisburn. This seems to be the right trail: religion sounds like my dissenters or non-conformists, Baptists and Methodists, all non-Church of England.

I have also bought Bill Harrison's book--so won't have to research too hard--and it is about Stephen Harrison of Gisburn Forest (born around 1685).

So without any effort on my part, I have two good sources around Swinden and Gisburn back to 1685 and 1716. And since my John Harrison left England for Ireland in about 1649 to 1650 as a young man (so born about 1630), finding his father seems less overwhelming. :)

Thank you. I see that there are two messages on weaving. I'll read those next and thank you for them.

Polly LYNN
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