Old(ish) Books Seafaring and Naval

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Old(ish) Books Seafaring and Naval

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On one of the other threads I said I had some Books on Aircraft for sale , well among those seem to be a few shipping ones as well.

As the air ones so far are avalible far too cheap on Amazon , the first up Naval one I can actually afford to sell.

The Little Ships of Dunkirk by Christian Brann / Mark Child / Brian Blake. (1989 for the 1940-1990 anniversary ) which in the hardback version [ex Library , bit of water crinkling to first 3 pages ) ( it has a 5* rating ) is Amazoned at £60+ , and other sites around £12. The paperback comes in at around a tenner , so from me it is £11.85 delivered UK , If you want to collect from Barnoldswick I will try to get it up this weekend if family can fit in a bag and dont leave it on the train and can do it for £10 cash . Has a detachable clear plastic cover on it from the library. It has a page by page (some get two ) photo and description of the boats known to have taken part in the Dunkirk institute of the Sale Price £1 is reserved (each ) for Pendle Hospice , RNLI and my OGFB advertising fund. PM for first come , first served , regards.

The Challenge of the Atlantic by Dag Pike ( Paperback ) £5 delivered UK , maybe £3 collected. 50p for Pendle Hospice and OGFB advertising fund.
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Re: Old(ish) Books Seafaring and Naval

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Not only are you freeloading but you're evidently trying to turn the site into a market place. Please stop doing this as complaints are coming in to the moderators.
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