LTP2013 Downloads

All transcripts and images from the LTP2013 may be downloaded from here.
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LTP2013 Downloads

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Various download packages of the project are available below.


Transcripts are formatted as Microsoft Word (97-2003 versions) .doc extension. These files will open in all versions of MS Word produced since 1997. The transcripts are the originals produced from the audio tapes of the workers from the industry.

If you do not have Microsoft Office or the Word application, the files can be opened in the Apache Open Office suite which is a free download available via the link below.


Images are presented as individual high resolution jpegs. The filenames of the images are as referenced in the transcripts. The images may be loaded into any convenient media viewer and as they are high resolution they can be zoomed quite successfully to see detail.

Full Project

The third package is a complete project download which comprises all the transcripts with the images embedded in each of the documents. These are produced from the updated content on the site and include all later additions to the texts and images.

Click the links below to start any of the LTP2013 downloads.

LTP2013 Transcripts (3.5MB)

LTP2013 Images (386MB)

LTP2013 Complete Project with images embedded in the transcripts (597MB)

This is the link for the Open Office suite if you need it.

Apache Open Office - The Free and Open Productivity Suite

This is a locked thread, if you have any queries about the download packages please post in the comments and feedback forum.

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