Designer Village Developments

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Designer Village Developments

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Lancashire's Designer Village - designated as such by Lancashire Life now boasts a large new car park. This is the only sign of the Booth's development that has been stuttering along for the past 34 years or so. Unfortunately the car park though much needed is fenced off and not available for use. Rumour has it that the |Booths project is dead in the water and wait for it.......Tesco are looking to take over the site. Developments on this should be interesting.
The new fruit and veg shop seems to be doing well selling quality merchandise at reasonable - cheaper than Sainsbury's prices. The guy who runs it loves a natter so the shop has become very popular. Whitesides have closed the Barrowford shop as well as the one on Dockray Street in Colne and the Fishy Feet beauty treatment emporium has sunk without trace.
Charlotte thinks the new dress shop opposite the vacant garage lot is great and both she and Cath continue to shop for great bargains at the Last Trading Post.
Good news for us in that a neighbour who had a car, motorbike and mobile home parked almost permanently on the croft area has moved and taken his vehicles with him to annoy someone else.
The Bombay Lounge continues to do outstanding Indian food with weekday specials of poppadums, chutney's, starter , main course and drink for less than £8.00. If you mention my name to Nurul the owner you'll get discount and free shots more than likely - Cheeky Vimto is good.
Finally the vacant garage.... remains a blot on the main road in the village and desperately needs someone to do something with the area. IKts not quite an eyesore yet but is working towards it. :blabla: Nolic
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Re: Designer Village Developments

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Between them Pendle and Lancashire councils are not really assisting the retail ( new and secondhand ) markets and outlets, over regulated , overpriced charging and not really delivering scope for a diverse and attractive area .
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